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If you have any questions about our club, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. One of our administrators will get back to you shortly.

For ease of response, please select the best email address below to suit your needs.

If you are interested in partnering with EC, please contact the treasurer, Jeff Meaders at the email address listed below.

Membership is currently offers open enrollment to those 18 and up for most venues, with a suggested donation of $2 per session to cover costs of event spaces.

Contact Email List

Group Contact Event hours Additional contact methods
General Inquries N/A N/A
Club Administration N/A N/A
Changeling venue changeling@emeraldchronicles.com6PM-9PM Changeling Forum
Mage venue mage@emeraldchronicles.com6PM-9PM Mage Forum
Vampire venue vampire@emeraldchronicles.com10PM-2AMVampire Forum
Sabbat venue sabbat@emeraldchronicles.com6PM-9PM Sabbat Forum
Werewolf venue werewolf@emeraldchronicles.com10PM-2AMWerewolf Forum

Thank you for your interest in Emerald Chronicles!