If You Build It They Will Play

Team Up!

Team up in a fierce and heroic pack of lycanthropic eco-warriors, save the world from the world-bending paradox of hidden magic, slay the dragon and dance in the mystical faerie courts or play brooding creature of the night in a fun environment where you can be yourself, play someone else, make some friends for life and plot against imaginary enemies in an atmosphere of fair play.

Emerald Chronicles offers a great opportunity for young adults to hang out and have fun, play cooperative and competetive, immersive role-playing games. The point is: Games! Fun! Storytellers and Player Advocates that are dedicated to helping you have fun and integrate into the group! Above all, A friendly community of people that enjoy the same things as you do that you'll get to help build!

Build Character while Creating Characters and Playing with...

...'Characters' like us! What we mean by building character is simply this:

EC is a community-based organization of gamers, actors, role-players, friends and aquaintences in the Seattle area that isn't only focused on what is on our character sheets. We recognize that how we treat one-another within this community, and how we treat one-another outside of our immediate circle of friends matters, and by elevating ourselves from our own headspace, looking around and fulfilling the needs of the less fortunate in our community, we all benefit.

Gamers and role-players are by nature creative, amazing people, and we naturally build worlds within every day by telling each other stories, creating characters and memorizing the stats of fantastical creatures and rule-sets. With just a fraction of that 'computing power' focused outward on the community at large, we've blown away some charitable organizations' expectations.

With Blanket and food drives for the Noel House women's shelter, we collected enough blankets to keep the needy at Noel House warm for two winters! We collected enough coffee and tea to keep hands warm and hearts spirited for as long as well!

Blood drives, canned food drives, running the spooky Haunted House at our local Boys & Girls Club for Halloween (you haven't seen anything until you what 100+ role-players are capable of inventing to scare adults out of their wits), we do it all, and we're amazing at it, because we realize all it takes is a little effort from each of us to build something bigger and greater than ourselves.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get Some Gaming Done and Do Some Good For the Community!

The only limits to the fun we'll have are in your imagination. These are the friends, connections, laughs, games and community you've been looking for!

Our focus is on young adults so if you are age 18-26+, like gaming, improv, and aren't adverse to helping your elow man every now and again and are looking to connect with some folks that feel as you do, this organization is for you!

Check out the genres of play we've got to offer, learn about improv and LARP or check out our Message Boards.